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NAIS Trendbook: Augmented Reality

The NAIS Trendbook 2013-2014 summarizes current research in a variety of topics relevant to the independent school community. I’m exploring some of the topics discussed in the “Education Technology Outlook” chapter.
Citing the Horizon Report, the NAIS Trendbook 2013-2014 indicates that Augmented Reality is one of the important upcoming trends in Ed Tech. Certainly PLN discussions and conference sessions bear this out– AR is becoming a frequent discussion topic, especially using Aurasma (iOS, ???). While the technology certainly creates some fun and impressive results, I’ve remained skeptical of the learning benefits presented by AR given its setup time required. The way that AR is presented in the Trendbook has highlighted a key benefit of AR that I hadn’t considered before, and it’s one that definitely changes my perception of the technology: the capacity to create self-directed learning opportunities outside of the school boundaries. Off-site learning may be the killer (and under-discussed) feature of Augmented Reality.