Building 1:1 Student Survival Skills

Almost one full quarter into our 1:1 RYOD (Require Your Own Device) model, we’ve started to be able to identify the skills that are necessary for our students in a 1:1 environment. Some of them are device-specific: with iPads in the Middle School and laptops in the Upper School, there are some different skill sets necessary. Double that in the Upper School with students bringing either Macs and PCs. Some skills are tool- or software-based, especially those that relate specifically to Schoology, our LMS. Finally, some are specific to our school as they have to do with how our network is constructed, including Wi-Fi and printer access.¬†Beyond these, though, there are some universal skills that speak to universal computer or digital-age skills.

This list of 1:1 Student Survival Skills is not meant to serve as or replace a technology curriculum. We’re working on a much larger curriculum map which speaks to the digital-age curriculum which is both explicit (e.g. Computer Science, Robotics, Engineering) and integrated across the curriculum. I think of this list as the set of skills that a student needs to use during the course of the day here to survive and thrive in their “student tasks” within a BYOD/1:1 environment.

What would you include? What have we missed? Join the conversation below.

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