Deploying Apps? What does “NeedsRedemption” Mean?

Today I got stuck with some of our app deployment. For certain users, our deployment platform (Meraki) reported than an app “NeedsRedemption” (don’t we all?). On the user’s iPad, an install would bring up a message that says “The code has already been redeemed.” Can’t delete the app, can’t update or reinstall, and can’t push a clean copy. What to do?

While we use Meraki, some research turned up similar symptoms with Caspar and Tivoli. This seems to be an issue based in the VPP core applying to any deployment platform.

Following the forum notes above, I removed all of the VPP codes from the Apps panel within Meraki and reentered them from fresh copies of the spreadsheets downloaded from our VPP account. This seemed to free up many of the devices, as their statuses immediately changed to “Installing,” “Redeeming,” or “Prompting.” There were a few left marked as “NeedsRedemption.”

An observation and hypothesis:

Those still marked as “NeedsRedemption” for the app I just refreshed (Notability) are also marked as “NeedsRedemption” for three other apps on our list (Pages, Puffin Web Browser and Explain Everything). Those which proceeded to install following the refresh did not have any other apps listed as “NeedsRedemption.” Therefore, I’ll repeat the process to refresh the three other troublesome apps. Might this be a queueing issue that Meraki will not install until all NeedsRedemption errors are cleared?


Your experience?

What errors or solutions have you encountered around these issues? Any thoughts, suggestions, guidance or questions?

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