CamStudio = Malware Package

Just a heads-up to people looking for screencasting software options for PC: CamStudio bills itself as an open-source, free alternative to more expensive retail software. It may be that, although it didn’t even work for me when I installed it, but it is also pretty heavily loaded with malware. Read the installation notes closely, click “Advanced” on every dialog box, and make sure you know what you’re doing when you install this. Better yet, avoid it and move on to another option.

In addition to “Optimizer Pro,” which was pretty easy to deal with, I got popped with a nasty little tool called “webget” (description and removal instructions). To be able to get to that removal point first, though, I had to change the service properties for two services (“utilwebget” and “updatewebget”), both of which are by default set to restart whenever they’re stopped. Process:

  1. Change service properties to “Do nothing” when service is stopped.
  2. End the services
  3. Uninstall webget from Programs.

Here’s another report with totally different sets of embedded malware.


  1. Corey McKrill says:

    Where did you download it from? I would be surprised if the Sourceforge version had all that extra crap in it.

    • Jeff says:

      True– Downloaded from CamStudio’s website directly. Good point about going through Source Forge, though.

  2. Corey McKrill says:

    (looks like other people are noting the same thing in the comments at the above link)

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