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I’m brainstorming a new blog for our school which would be collaboratively written by our faculty. The vision would be to showcase any aspects of our teaching and learning, and to use it as a discussion piece for our collaborative development. A couple of our staff members blog individually, but hosting a collaborative faculty think space is a little different than a personal/individual blog, so I’m looking for examples of school/department/team/faculty blogs which seek to highlight their learning communities. I’ve also attached any descriptors, mission statements or “about” lines which I think help encapsulate why the blog exists and how it serves the school community. I’ll add to this list as I continue to find more!

Of course, if you have any examples to contribute, please let us know in the comments below.

Nicholas School Blogs (Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment) – “Our blogs showcase the classes, travels, research, internships, and events that comprise the Nicholas School experience.”

Findings in Research & Development (American School of Bombay) – “This is the American School of Bombay R&D Department’s blog. The Research and Development Department studies, prototypes (when required), designs, and develops new teaching and learning environments for the 21st century. Through this blog we share our ‘Findings’ and engage in conversations about new designs of schooling and teaching and learning. Also check out the following pages: R&D Explorations, R&D Reports and Presentations, ASB Maker Movement, and Day 9. We look forward to your participation in ASB’s Learning Journey.”

GCE Voices Blog (Global Citizenship Experience, Chicago) – “Welcome to the GCE/C2 Labs “Beta” Blog, a place dedicated to reinvent education. The term “beta” is generally used to indicate the latest release in the life cycle of a product or service. Here, we use “beta” to indicate the nature of our laboratory school, a place of creativity & experimentation. This blog contains a series of “Online Installations” (aka OnIns), through which we compile student work in interactive ways. We hope you dive into the installations and feel inspired by our motto: “Reinvent Possibility”.”

High School Bits (Bedford/St. Martin’s High School) – “High School Bits is a multi-author weblog for high school English teachers. Bits was created by instructors, authors, and Bedford/St. Martin’s editors as an interactive space for teachers to talk about their craft and to share ideas. The blog features leading scholars and master teachers along with new and emerging voices.”

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