Open Question for You: 2nd Semester Resolution


In the spirit of the New Year and the changing of the semesters, what’s one reflection/resolution (Reflect-olution? Reso-flection?) from 1st semester that you’ll try or carry into 2nd semester? Share your thoughts and discuss below!

I noticed this year (my first teaching Middle School) that my students often had trouble sustaining independent work for long periods of time. Since I came from teaching High School age students, I think that the steps of my projects were too far apart and too long, which made it harder for the younger students to understand how to pace themselves and feel a sense of “urgency” about the impending deadlines. This made some of the projects a little weaker since all of the time was not used fully.

I’m going to increase the number of “check-in/check-off” steps as well as build out some more intermediate deadlines and benchmarks so that students adhere to a stronger timeline.


What’s your 1st semester reflection and 2nd semester resolution?

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