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Apps for Teachers

Google Apps

My totally unofficial and off-hand observation is that a vast majority of discussion about iPads/Tablets for Teachers is really about iPads/Tablets for Students: apps that are for the students’ use. As a technologist and coach, I’m always wary of the time tradeoff of new technologies. If I continually throw additional resources/challenges/expectations to teachers, even those early adopters will quickly get overloaded and start tuning out what were intended to be helpful suggestions. In order to keep the window open for quality thinking, reflection and research to happen, an Ed Tech specialist should use technology to nurture the teacher as well as the student. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for teacher apps that can save time, promote reflection and inquiry, and preserve/recapture as much precious high-level time as possible. All apps are free unless otherwise noted, and are available on iOS and Android.

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Moving to a New (E-Mail) Address?


It’s the end of the school year, and that means that students, staff and faculty all around the world are playing the grand game of musical chairs shuffling between schools. If you are moving from one institution to another and need to move your e-mails, here are a few easy steps to complete your move to a new (e-mail) address! Read more