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Tablets in the Choral Rehearsal

(Cross-Posted at ChoralNet)
In the forums, on Twitter, and even here on ChoralBlog, many of us are trying to answer the age-old question of technology: Yeah, it’s fun, but what do I do with it? Personally, I’m not yet convinced that the iPad or similar tablets should replace our singers’ scores and folders. I can’t say I haven’t tried, though– I was the guy last year who showed up to the local Messiah sing-along with a CPDL edition of the score on my iPad to read off of. After a couple of hours, I did get tired of holding it up. More than that, though– the dots were too small! That is, however, a different post.
Between the iPod Touch and the iPad, many schools are supplying classrooms with iDevices, or allowing enterprising teachers to apply for grants for a classroom set. The question is, how many to get? To get you started, here are my best ideas for using them in a choral rehearsal. These don’t apply to schools only, though– if your singers have a tablet of some form (or in many cases, a smartphone), have them bring their devices to rehearsal if you want to try some of these out! Read more